Accidents Happen

When you haven’t ever been in a car crash, it’s probably only a matter of time until you’re. So if you’re actively driving over the course of your lifetime, you’re most likely going to need to manage an accident sooner or later. Knowing the appropriate procedure to follow can make this tough situation less stressful and minimize the harms.

Firstly, don’t panic or lose your composure. And don’t leave of flee the scene until it’s wise to do so.

If at all possible, move off vehicles or on the side of the street so no additional accidents or accidents occur. If the vehicles can not be moved, turn on hazard lights and put flares or triangle warning signals to alert other motorists. Be certain that you get yourself to the side of the street and out of the means of traffic.

After getting yourself to security, assess the injuries to yourself or your passengers. Based on state laws, you may also have to contact the authorities. In Alaska for instance, the authorities must be contacted if there are any bodily injuries or more than $2000 in property damage. In addition, law enforcement can help keep everyone calm and help establish accountability. If you don’t need the authorities to be at the scene of your injury, you need to file a police report shortly afterwards to receive your version of this accident on record.

Exchange your name, address, telephone number, email address, insurance company and policy numbers together with another driver.
Don’t Admit Fault
Even if the cause of the accident appears obvious, never admit fault or place blame. Refrain from saying “I am sorry” or something like another driver since it is an admission of guilt. Keep discussion with another driver to a minimum. At the collision scene, only talk about specifics of the accident the police, fire department, or other emergency personnel.

Document the Car Incident
If possible after everybody is safe, take pictures of the collision scene. Notice the location, time and a description of the crash, damages and individuals involved. Also collect any information from witnesses who might have seen the crash.

Contact Insurance Provider
As soon as possible following the crash, call your car insurance company to report the accident and start a claim. Your insurance carrier should have a 24-hour toll-free hotline and now most automobile insurance claims also have a web site that permits people to report the collision online. Also, think about asking your auto insurance provider representative in which to take your car or truck if it needs repair.

Though an automobile accident can be a trying experience, knowing the appropriate procedures to follow could protect yourself from undue liability and expenditure when protecting your rights to compensation.

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